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– Redefining IP Business Intelligence 


ipAnalytx provides answers to IP questions asked by enterprise companies, universities and law firms
resulting in better patent management, R&D direction, and business strategy.

University of Kansas - 315x155


Technology Transfer Opportunities

• What are my most valuable patents?
• Who are the potential buyers for my patents?
• What patents should we abandon?

Research Operations

• What are the hot patent development classes?
• What research is the government funding?
• Who are my best inventors?

Patent Administration

• Are all assignments in place?
• Who is citing my patents?
• How effective is my patent counsel?

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Rolls-Royce NA - 315x155

Enterprise Companies

New Value Opportunities

• Who might buy or license my patents?
• What are my best R&D opportunities?
• Who has patents that I should acquire?

Competitor Analysis

• What activities are my competitors pursuing?
• What is my portfolio overlap with competitors?
• What are the gaps in my portfolio?

Patent Administration

• When will patents expire?
• How effective is my patent counsel?
• Who is the best agent based on my examiner?

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Law Firms - 315x155

Law Firms

Business Development Opportunities

• What are the hot patent development areas?
• Who are our best target prospects?
• How can we increase client share?

Competitor Analysis

• What is my market share relative to competitors?
• How are competitors performing for my clients?
• Which competitors are vulnerable in prospects?

Patent Services

• Which patent attorney should I recommend?
• Who are the best examiners for us to work with?
• Who are the patent attorneys that I should hire?

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