About IP Software

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, IP Software, Inc. develops intellectual property analytical tools. At IP Software, we specialize in developing innovative solutions that help intellectual property owners realize the value of their assets. Our solutions make it easier to analyze the IP landscape and gain quick access to all the details necessary for important business decisions. IP Software founder Mike Pellegrino formed the company based on his experience in the IP valuation field. As a valuation expert and founder of Pellegrino & Associates, Mike has worked for over a decade with some of the world’s largest companies across every major industry sector. He experienced firsthand the lack of integrated service platforms in the IP market that generate analysis at the business strategy level. As a result, he came up with the idea of IP Software to alleviate the time and expense spent on IP research, provide easier access to IP information, maximize the leverage IP owners can extract from their assets, and enable business strategy decisions. He saw this as a great opportunity to offer products that combine his IP valuation experience with IP analytical tools. Thus, the creation of IP Software’s flagship product and the first IP analysis tool to move beyond information to the IP knowledge necessary for business strategy — ipAnalytx.


Mike Pellegrino


Mike Pellegrino is the Founder of IP Software and the Founder and President of Pellegrino & Associates, a boutique intellectual property (IP) valuation firm. He has significant experience valuing patents and other forms of intellectual property, establishing royalty rates, and evaluating businesses. His company engagements number more than 300 for more than 200 clients, ranging from Fortune 100 companies like IBM, GE, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, American Express, and Lockheed Martin to startups.

Mike is the author of BVR’s Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation and several finance- and software-related articles which have appeared in internationally and nationally recognized outlets, such as IAM Magazine, CFO Magazine, MSNBC.com, FoxNews.com, and others. Various organizations around the globe, including law firms, universities, accounting firms, appraisal firms, valuation firms, state bar associations, and other organizations, frequently request his expertise at speaking engagements regarding intangible asset valuations and the tax effects of embedded application software and intellectual property.  In addition to his valuation expertise, Mike personally developed ipAnalytx—a state-of-the-art patent analytics tool that provides key insights and intelligence into the patent landscape.

Mike earned a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Indiana Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree in business administration from Ball State University.