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Organization Critical for Patent Administrative House

Patents can prove to be valuable assets to companies. However, patents have expiration dates. In fact, in 2012, nearly 12,800 patents expired among just 10 companies with the most patent expirations. While patent expirations may come as no surprise, it can be surprising to learn that some patents expire because patent owners neglect to pay […]

Five Patent Observations in 2013

Over the past year, our proprietary database has identified some interesting patent activities. These activities highlight the overall patent sector, revealing the top patent accumulators, top patent transactions, top patent agents, and much more. The five insightful patent observations in the last year taken from December 26, 2012 to December 26, 2013 are as follows. […]

Top Recipients of Patents Based on Government-Funded Research

Some of today’s inventions derive from universities and companies that receive government funds to perform necessary research. Universities generally receive the majority of government funds for research purposes, but occasionally a corporation will receive government funding. In 2013, the top three universities to receive patents based on government-funded research are The Regents of The University […]