Top Recipients of Patents Based on Government-Funded Research

Some of today’s inventions derive from universities and companies that receive government funds to perform necessary research. Universities generally receive the majority of government funds for research purposes, but occasionally a corporation will receive government funding.

In 2013, the top three universities to receive patents based on government-funded research are The Regents of The University of California with 10, Massachusetts Institute of Technology with 8, and President and Fellows of Harvard College with 7. However, the entity to receive the most patents based on government-funded research was no other than IBM with 15.

Top patent classes for the top three universities include 530 – Chemistry, 252 – Compositions, 324 – Electricity, 343 – Communications, 706 – Data Processing, 424 – Drug, Bio-Affecting, and Body Treating Compositions, and 372 – Coherent Light Generators. The top patent classes for IBM include various Electrical Computer patent classes and 257 – Solid-State Devices.

As you can see, the entities that focus on areas concerning the medical and communications fields are more likely to receive government funds. These particular fields require constant improvements. With a technologically hungry society, the communications industry constantly tries to outdo competitors with the latest gadgets that make life easier. And as society continues to age and live longer, it demands more high-quality and effective products in the medical industry to keep people functioning more optimally.

As universities and IBM continue to research and promote medical and communications improvements, it is likely that they will remain top recipients of government funds. You can learn about the specific inventions these entities are creating by using ipAnalytx, the first true patent analytical tool on the market. Contact an ipAnalytx representative today at 317.569.1313.